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How should advertisers manage their marketing investments during uncertain economic times?
Setting up for Success: Adjusting the media plan accordingly to the audiences’ media consumption
AI Revolutionizing Annalect’s Solutions: Advancing Data Analytics and Customer Insights

Read more about our AI powered solutions: Examples of our solutions benefitting from using AI.

The Effect of Brand Communication: Balancing Product and Brand Communication for Success
Does the rule of “50% of media spend is wasted” still work?
Optimizing Media Budgets and Increasing ROI with Annalect simulation Tools

y leveraging historical data and advanced algorithms, the tool predicts the expected sales and ROI based on different budget allocation scenarios.

Forecasting Macro Trends and Unraveling the Impact on Sales with Marketing Mix Modeling
The Power of Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) in the Era of Attribution Analysis
New article from Harvard Business Review highlights the importance of MMM for digital media measurements in the future

This newly released article highlights some of the important elements of working holistically with your measurement framework. We have highlighted the most important parts and added Annalect’s view to this article.

IAB Europe Research Awards – Coop Agile Marketing Mix Modelling

Coop’s objective was to create a dynamic learning environment to optimise campaign execution on a regular trial-and-error basis