Long-Term & Brand Modelling

Investing in a brand is essential to grow a sustainable business, though it may not drive quarterly sales at a good return on investment. Striving to find the right balance between tactical and brand marketing has always been difficult.

To help answer this question, Annalect has developed a modern econometrics framework that explains the relationship between media exposure, the effect on incremental sales and long-term baseline sales. With our long-term modelling, you will achieve getting actionable recommendations on how to allocate your spend, and you will demystify the baseline sales in your marketing mix model.

Apart from striking the right balance between tactical and brand marketing, long-term modelling delivers insights into the total lon-term ROI of marketing as well at identifying differences between media channel’s ability to create long-term vs. short-term ROI.


Long-term ROI multipliers

Identify differences in short and long-term effects per media channel

Balance short and long-term media

Calculate the optimum share and long-term consequences

Long-term effects from creative

Understand differences between campaign messaging and creatives


Long-term effect of media channels

Value of brand marketing

Optimal spend allocation

Behavioural economics

Long-term effect of campaign messages

How it works

Inspired by Daniel Kahneman, Annalect has developed a modern econometrics framework that enables measurement of long-term effects.

While traditional marketing mix models effectively measure media’s impact on short-term sales, Annalect’s long-term model goes beyond rational thinking to incorporate impact on unconsciousness behaviour, feelings, and emotional affections toward a brand.

How to get started

Getting started with Annalect’s long-term modelling is effortless. By leveraging your existing marketing mix models, we can deliver insights and recommendations within weeks.

Get in touch with us today and learn more about how to strike the right balance between tactical and brand marketing.

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