Holistic Simulator

Every day, the market shifts, the macroeconomic environment changes, and new trends emerge. Managing a business through the multitude of changing factors is more complex than ever.

Annalect’s Holistic Simulator provides a 360-degree view of the business landscape, allowing you to accurately forecast the impact of non-media drivers and optimise your marketing strategies with confidence. It’s a powerful simulation tool that leverages all the effects and learnings from your marketing mix model to predict future sales outcomes.

With Holistic Simulator, you can understand how market changes impact your business in real-time.


Adapt your marketing strategies
Simulate the impact of market changes
Activate your MMM results


Holistic scenario planning with all sales drivers

Forecast the impact of inflation

Detailed simulations of market changes

Predict impact of competitor activities

Modern AI/ML powered econometrics

How it works

Annalect’s Holistic Simulator is developed to activate the power of your marketing mix model. By harnessing the calculated effects and algorithms of your model or models, it gives you an opportunity to simulate and forecast the business impact of changes, such as inflation, unemployment rate, competitor activities but also your own media investments or changes in distribution.

All significant variables from your MMM setup are activated in the Holistic Simulator.

Just insert your predictions for each variable in an easy-to-use dashboard for immidiate results. The algorithms are updated and refined over time continuously increasing its predictive power.

With Holistic Simulator you stay ahead of the curve.

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