Share of Search & Revenue Analysis

In an ever-increasing digitalization of marketplaces, share of branded searches versus main competitors is a telling metric for an advertiser’s brand demand. Instead of asking consumers if they are aware of, or are considering your brand, we can measure and analyze what they actually do.

A share of search tracker enables granular revenue and share of market forecasts as share of branded searches is a leading indicator to both sales and market share growth or decline. By adding layers of keywords we are able to conduct a detailed analysis of search trends for your brand and market category, enabling insights that are otherwise undiscovered when it comes to consumer behavior changes and product/service demand.


Measures your brand demand versus your main competitors
Is a leading indicator to sales and market share growth
Enables sales forecasting and granular analysis of keyword trends


Branded search tracker delivered in a digital platform

Based on behavioral data

Sales and market share forecasts

Gain understanding on how your media campaigns are driving brand demand

Highlights conversion from brand demand to sales

How it works

We connect prompted brand searches and track them over time versus a set basket of category competitors. The results are tracked and visualized in a digital platform with historical data which can be paired with sales and/or market share data to answer lagged effects on business metrics.

Delivery is complemented with monthly or quarterly reports and presentation workshops.

How to get started

The set-up starts with a thorough analysis of what keywords to track and what competitors to track against. Once the model set-up is determined, the solution is very much a plug-and-play framework and ready to use within days.

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