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Introducing Luminous 2.0: next-generation digital attribution

By Søren Fromberg on in Digital attribution

With the increasing focus on privacy, the walls in the gardens getting taller, deprecation of third-party cookies, reduced measurement consent rates, things haven’t been looking too great for digital attribution. But something is illuminating in the dark.

As digital marketing continues to grow, so does the need for accurate attribution models. Attribution models are used to measure the effectiveness of digital campaigns and determine which channels, formats and line-items are driving the most value. But with the increasing focus on data privacy, attribution models’ accuracy and reliability have plunged towards to zero. For us marketers, this means it has been increasing difficult to determine how and where the performance marketing budget is spent most effective. We have simply been lacking a single source truth.

What’s illuminating in the dark?

By providing a privacy-friendly and cookie-less digital attribution, Luminous is bringing light back to performance marketing. It attributes value to line-items, formats and channels across walled-gardens, devices, and browsers. It even takes offline media and external factors into consideration. And in Luminous 2.0, things have become even better. Now you can truly illuminate your performance marketing.

New powerful and easy-to-use interface

Luminous is designed with hyper-agile marketers at its core. It enables you to have a rich test and learn culture. As marketers, we understand that a “test and learn” culture requires flexibility. In Luminous 2.0, you can easily explore, filter, and compare the performance of different tactics.

Forecast your digital investments

Avoid unnecessary guesswork. In Luminous 2.0, we have made it easier for you to understand the impact of adjusting your digital mix and investments. With a few clicks, you can build scenarios, compare them, and forecast their efficiency and performance. ​

State-of-the-art econometrics

By combining tree-based modelling, neural networks, and the latest econometrics, Luminous 2.0 provides accurate and actionable insights. To ensure nothing is left unturned, it even takes ad platform signals (e.g., viewability), external factors and offline media into consideration. We call it scalable, ML-powered econometrics.

Better attribution, more value

In Luminous 2.0, it’s even easier for you to get key questions answered. Specifically, Luminous will help you answer questions such as:

  • What’s the value of each line-item in my campaign?
  • Which channel is providing most bang for the buck?
  • What’s the incremental value of adding a channel?
  • What can I expect if I increase my budget?
  • Which channels deliver most synergy?

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